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Polypropylene Fibers Essays (631 words) - Composite Materials

Polypropylene Fibers POLYPROPYLENE FIBERS IN CONCRETE CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION RESEARCH PAPER MARCH 5, 1996 According to major supplies, ?Use of synthetic fibers for reinforcing concrete is continuously, increasing. The increase has been considerable since 1980, but slowed somewhat in 1990, a year of substantial construction cutbacks. Apparently the construction community believes there are advantages in the use of synthetic fibers in concrete.? (Schupack) Synthetic fibers are used to improve crack control in concrete. Some reports say that synthetic fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) would replace welded wire fabric in many slab-on-grade applications. But in reality if the welded wire fabric is placed properly it controls crack width better than the synthetic fiber reinforced concrete. In a case study of the use of synthetic fibers in reinforced concrete, the following conclusions were obtained. No matter what concrete placing job is being done, there is no substitute for good concrete practices. The use of a low fiber volume mix will help control plastic shrinkage cracks and bleeding, but not give good cracking control once the crack forms. The synthetic fibers running through a crack have a poor bond providing no shear friction. Impact and toughness tests on synthetic fiber reinforced concrete imply less edge spalling will occur. The American Concrete Institute (ACI) conducted two studies on polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete, one dealing with plastic shrinkage cracking and the other on permeability characteristics. Plastic shrinkage cracking occurs when the surface water on the concrete evaporates faster than the bleed water reaches the surface of the concrete. It was determined by the plastic shrinking cracking study that polypropylene fibers helped reduce the total plastic shrinkage crack area on test panels. Also determined is that the screeding rate affects the total crack area in polypropylene reinforced concrete, while finishing operations showed no significant effects. This study also suggests the use of longer fibers (about 0.75in.) will produce less crack area. ?Permeability plays an important role in long-term durability of concrete materials. Permeability of concrete generally refers to the rate at which particular aggressive substances (water, sulfates, chloride ions, etc.) can flow through the concrete.? (Soroushian) As discussed in the plastic shrinkage study that polypropylene fibers reduce cracking. Less cracking in the concrete surface that surface would be less permeable. In the permeability study, they concentrated on the effects of chloride and the permeability of the concrete. The results of this study concluded polypropylene fibers had little effects on chloride permeability of concrete. The polypropylene fibers only help reduce plastic shrinkage cracks. In residential construction, polypropylene fibers have been in use since the mid-to-late 1970s. Polypropylene fibers are used for their high tensile strength and low cost. These fibers fit into two categories, for early plastic shrinkage and for improved long-term crack control. One of the first residential applications of polypropylene fibers was in western Pennsylvania, in March of 1979. Fibers were used in all the flat work of the residence. Polypropylene fibers have gained acceptance by residential home builders due to its flexibility and its ability to conform to forms. Home builders say polypropylene fibers help them sell more concrete by reducing the potential risks of cracking. The use of polypropylene does not compensate for the lack of good design, water/cement ratios, temperature and wind conditions. One important thing to remember is nothing replaces good concrete practices. WORKS CITED Schupack, Morris, and William R. Stanley. ?Seven Case Studies of Synthetic Fiber Reinforced Slabs.? Concrete International Feb. 1992:50-56. Soroushian, Parviz., Faiz Mirza, and Abdulraman Alhozaimy. ?Permeability Characteristics of Polypropylene Fiber Reinforced Concrete.? ACI Materials Journal 92(1995):291-295. Mirza, Faiz., Parviz Soroushian, and Abdulraman Alhozaimy. ?Plastic Shrinkage Cracking of Polypropylene Fiber Reinforced Concrete.? ACI Materials Journal 92(1995):553-560. Biddle, Daniel T. ?Fiber Reinforcement in Residential Concrete.? Concrete International Feb. 1991:46-47. Engineering

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How to Properly Research an Essay on Medical Assistant

How to Properly Research an Essay on Medical Assistant This is the last part of the guide and by now you’re on your way to writing a research essay on the profession of medical assistance. The first guide in the series was titled 19 facts on the profession of a medical assistant for a research essay, which we’re sure you found very interesting, and the second part of our guide 20 topics on the profession of a medical assistant for a research essay had a wide range of topics to choose from including a sample essay at the end. The final guide discusses how to go about doing your research while writing an essay on the profession of medical assistance. Understand What You’re Going to Write About This goes both ways: either a topic is chosen for you or you’re picking one for yourself. Either way, if the language in the topic doesn’t reflect the topic itself, then your essay loses out on a great deal of quality. Start Mind Mapping Once you’re clear about the topic in question then you’ll have to do mind-mapping on all the relevant keywords. In the event that you know nothing, simply begin with the name of the topic. Then start your research on the internet with the mind map you developed and look for evidences for your research and arguments.< Decide on Arguments and Sources Once the research is over you’re now in the driver’s seat and it’s time to build your arguments with credible sources. Check out journal databases and books in libraries since you need to quote academic sources in your essay. If you like something, highlight it or take notes. Begin Writing Once you’re done with the upper items start with the essay writing. The essay should have a thesis which comprises all your arguments. The entire essay will reflect these few lines. The first paragraph will have this statement along with what’s going to be presented in the following paragraphs. If you’re capable of summarizing all the arguments in one paragraph, then go right ahead, otherwise the thesis and an introduction to the next paragraph will do. Structure Your Paragraphs Then comes a string of paragraphs that will have evidence of your arguments. Dedicate each paragraph to each one of your arguments and provide relevant evidences as well as proof so that your readers are convinced. It’s not easy to bring something entirely new to the table and we recommend that you establish enough evidence so that the reader starts doubting popular or widely accepted beliefs. If you’re able to achieve that, your essay will be a success. The last paragraph will conclude it all. You need to tell the reader once again what your thesis was, what your arguments were, the evidences used to back up claims, and finally, what you’ve learned and would like to further research upon in the future. That’s about it. We wish you the best of luck nailing that essay.

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The Funny Thing Of The U.S.president Example

The Funny Thing Of The U.S.president Example The Funny Thing Of The U.S.president – Coursework Example The funny thing of the U.S.president The United of America has been served by a total of 44 presidents since the 18th century. All U. S presidents serve the country in a principal workplace and official residence called the white House. White House is located in Washington; D.C at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. However, President Barack Obama has served the United State since January 20, 2009. He was inaugurated as the second President to serve the United State in the 21st century and as the 44th President since the 18th century. Barack Obama was a son to a black Kenyan father and a white American mother and grew up in Hawii. He attended a college, and earned degrees from Harvard Law School and Columbia University. In 1992 he married â€Å"Michelle La Vaughn Robinson and in 1996 he started his career (Kurtzman).President Barack Obama has a number of qualities that makes him very amusing especially when making his speech. Most of these ridiculous qualities have been identified by the p olitical humour website. For instance, during the White House correspondents’ dinner in 2013, he made a speech that everyone found being very witty and funny. He said that it was a fact for him to respect the press and that he recognized the difference between their job and his. He said that his job was to be the president while the job of the press was to keep him humble (Kurtzman).Another ridiculous quote that Obama made was in Washington, D.C in 2010 during the Tea Part’s Tax Day protest. He said that there was a communist living in the great White House; a statement that left everyone holding their ribs (Kurtzman). However, the political humour website offer Obama’s funny photos, pics, late-night jokes, and political cartoons. The political cartoons make fun of the latest political issues encountered by president Obama and his entire administration. The funniest things that the U.S presidents do are important to the citizens in the sense that they make citiz ens remember them for the funny things they did more than what they did as groundbreaking things. Indeed, the former George W. Bush and the current president will also be remember, especially during the Happy Presidents Day, for their ridiculous actions. Work CitedKurtzman, Daniel. Happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth Be With You! Political Humor, 2014. Web. 5 May. 2014.

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Satisfying and dissatisfying scenarios and two service incident Essay - 1

Satisfying and dissatisfying scenarios and two service incident analyses - Essay Example There are many satisfying service incidents that I have experienced, but I would like to share this particular experience with McDonald’s. McDonald’s is one of the leading firms in the fast food chain industry around the globe today. Fast food chain restaurants are very popular in today’s fast-paced world where everybody seems to be looking for an instant in almost everything. This incident happened on August 27, 2011, at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Together with my family, we enjoyed not just good tasting foods from McDonald’s, but including their fast and reliable service. It took only around less than 5 minutes and we enjoyed eating our orders. We were looking for nearby restaurants at that time. Our hunger and thirst were remarkable by then, but they subsided right away after we were able to receive product and service offerings based on our expectation. The researchers thought it would be much better to try McDonald’s instead of o ther restaurants because we were trying to consider the time and our level of hunger for food. It happened that McDonald’s was one of the nearby restaurants we saw so we considered it our primary choice. The researcher was so satisfied because there were many customers in the queue at that time but the service crew attendants did a remarkable favor for everyone. They ensured that customers’ orders have been taken already while they were still in the queue waiting their time to be served.

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Performance and Guanxi Effect on Job Security to Reduce Turnover Research Proposal

Performance and Guanxi Effect on Job Security to Reduce Turnover Intention in Saudi Arabia - Research Proposal Example This essay stresses that information collector predisposition can be minimized by having one analyst distributing the questionnaires and through institutionalizing conditions like guaranteeing unprejudiced individual characteristics to all respondents such as kind disposition and protection. The psychological and physical surroundings where information will be gathered ought to be made private, ensure privacy and general physical solace. Subjects will be asked not to reveal their names or any ID on the polls to ensure secrecy. Extra data for utilization in the exploration will be acquired from semi-organized interviews of the selected population of workers and administrators from the chosen firms in the chosen commercial ventures. This paper makes a conclusion that to attain the legitimacy of the data collected, the inquiries pollswill be inferred from data accumulated in the writing audit to guarantee they are right illustrative of what private associations thought about with respect to representative turnover. The quantity of respondents who declined to take part after being approached will be accounted for to empower a judgment of dangers to outside legitimacy. When conducting research in a certain society, ethical consideration is very important because the research has to assure the respondents privacy and trust. Saudi Arabian people to a high degree respect their cultural heritages, with the largest population being Muslims and the state has a monarchical government.

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Threats and Vulnerabilities Essay Example for Free

Threats and Vulnerabilities Essay Threat: An unauthorized employee tries to access data that is hosted on the server. Vulnerability: The organization does not use authentication and access controls. Likelihood: The likelihood is very low, depending on the organization and its budget. For the most part, most organizations have IT specialists that are tasked to keep everything on the network secure. In the government most all data is protected by multiple forms of security. LAN DOMAIN: Weak passwords could be broken with a brute force attacks. Ensure all access permissions are set up correctly. If there is not attention to detail with configurations unauthorized access may be easy to obtain on the network and information could be compromised or stolen. Threat: Any type of malicious software that enters the network. Vulnerability: Antivirus software doesn’t detect the virus. Likelihood: The likelihood is frequent. Anti-viruses have a hard time keeping up to date before new viruses pop up. The best way to deal with this is keeping the automatic update enabled for one’s virus protection program, and if you suspect a virus either shutdown or at least disconnect from the network to prevent further contamination of the network. REMOTE ACCESS DOMAIN: Remote users could be infected with a virus, and when they connect to the internal network, they can propagate the virus without any knowledge. Threat: An attacker modifies or defaces a company Web site. Vulnerability: The Web site isn’t protected. Likelihood: The likelihood of this is minimal, unless an inexperienced webmaster was hired. One way to avoid this is have a backup IT specialist to do checks and balances to ensure the website is secure. Another way to prevent this is by ensuring permissions and authentication is programmed properly. LAN-TO-WAN DOMAIN: A malicious web sites may be allowed access, malicious software may be downloaded, or firewalls are not configured properly; all of these can compromise a network or its’ website. Threat: A social engineer tricks an employee into revealing a password. Vulnerability: Users are not trained or briefed properly about the company’s policies. Likelihood: This is highly likely. Employees should have refresher courses given by the company on a regular basis. USER DOMAIN: Social engineering represents different ways for users to mingle and try to find a way to get a password out of another user it is done by phishing or even direct contact with a user. Threats and vulnerabilities are very important issues to tackle; it is up to company supervisors and IT leaders to ensure that everyone is up to date on computer viruses and how to keep hackers at bay. There are ways of doing this, by ensuring that employees are properly trained and briefed on any pertinent network issues that they have a direct affect on. One way is to ensure personnel are checking their company e-mail. Proper authentication needs to be setup for each user dependent on skills, their current position, and their need to have access; to avoid future issues. If giving remote access to an employee ensure the computer they use is updated before allowing them to log onto the VPN tunnel for work. The IT department or configuration team should ensure that they’ve configured web site filtering and access. To ensure limited access; Mac Address filtering brings another level of security and helps keep a log of hardware and when it accesses the company network. There are many ways to secure and protect a network, and there is also many way to attack one. No one plan is fool proof. A company must find the sweet spot for what system costs are more to maintain than it the costs to repair them if compromised.

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Cause and Effect Essay †The Causes of Divorce :: Expository Cause Effect Essays

Cause and Effect Essay – The Causes of Divorce From the past to present, people all over the world have determined to live together, which is called â€Å"get marriage† in another word, so that they depend on for living each other. Nevertheless, some couples are unable to maintain their relationship; therefore they choose divorce, which is one of the solutions to cope with problems between husband and wife. Furthermore, most people think carefully before they get marriage. However, the divorce rates trend to continually increase nowadays, thus it might be argued that divorces can be taken place easier than the past. There are three main causes of divorce: changing woman’s roles, stress in modern living and lack of communication, which are highlighted below. The first significant cause of recent rise in the rates of divorce is that women completely change in roles. In the past, men have to earn whole money to afford the expense of family, whereas woman only do housework, hence women have no money leading to depend on husbands’ money. Because of these situations, it is too difficult for most women to separate from their husbands. Nonetheless, these situations entirely change nowadays. The equality between men and women in roles are very clear at the moment, thus women can work outside to earn money, while men share the household tasks such as cooking, cleaning, washing as well as caring for children. It can be clearly seen that women are independent from money as they can earn money by themselves to support their living cost. Accordingly, the divorce rates recently rise. Another cause to confirm the recent increase in divorce rates is stress in modern living. Many people, who live in globalisation, have considerable pressures to earn money. It can be obviously seen that the stress has occurred since they are children. For instance, in Thailand, students generally want to go to famous school so that they take advantage to go to well-known universities. Studying in celebrated universities mostly causes having a good opportunity to find a job or earn a lot of money. This circumstance not only happens in Thailand, but also occurs in many countries. Some people are laid off from their companies; consequently the stress occurs in their family, which leads to divorce. Some families can earn money, but inadequate for covering their expenses, therefore it is easy to think about divorce. Nevertheless, the rates of unemployment trend to continually increase as a result the divorce rates can also rise.